Universal Prayer – Third Sunday of Eastertide

As the sons and daughters of our Almighty Father, let us ask for His help as we travel through the joys and the sorrows that we meet along our pilgrim path.

Let us pray for Pope Francis, for our bishops and all who explain the Scriptures to us; may our hearts be set alight by the power of God’s word and may our souls be restored to their youthful vigour.

Risen Lord . . . Stay with us on our journey

Let us pray for our government, for the National Health Service and for all who provide their equipment; through mutual co-operation and prompt action, may they help to bring an end to the present pandemic and save the lives of countless people.

Risen Lord . . . Stay with us on our journey

Let us pray for the front-line workers in the fight against the coronavirus, especially the scientists working to find a reliable vaccine to protect against future outbreaks; may the Lord bless their work and reward them for their dedication and skill.

Risen Lord . . . Stay with us on our journey

Let us pray for all who have died in recent weeks, especially those in care homes and hospices; may they be safe in the tender embrace of the Father and may the pain of those who mourn for them be softened by their happy memories of the past and the sure hope of the fullness of joy their loved ones will come to know in God’s everlasting presence.

Risen Lord . . . Stay with us on our journey

Despite being unable to come together for the Breaking of Bread, let us pray for Father Emeka and our parish community; may we recognize the presence of Christ in every person and strive to accompany them in their daily lives by our prayers and our practical help.

Risen Lord . . Stay with us on our journey

Let us turn to Mary, Mother of Christ and Mother of us all, and ask her to walk with us each day: Hail Mary . . .
Let us make our own petitions to the One who always hears us.

Father, in a world filled with fears, uncertainties and bewildering challenges, but with faith in the truth of your promises, we place our lives in your hands and rest in your unending love. We make this prayer through Jesus, our Saviour, our Lord and our Brother. Amen.

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