Wednesday Prayer – 1st April 2020

Psalm 137/138

I thank you, Lord, with all my heart,
you have heard the words of my mouth.
In the presence of the angels I will bless you.
I will adore before your holy temple.
I thank you for your faithfulness and love
which excel all we ever knew of you.
On the day I called, you answered; you increased the strength of my soul.
All the rulers on earth shall thank you
when they hear the words of your mouth.
They shall sing of the Lord’s ways: “How great is the glory of the Lord!”
Though I walk in the midst of affliction
you give me life and frustrate my foes.
You stretch out your hand and save me,
Your hand will do all things for me. Your love, O Lord, is eternal,
discard not the work of your hands.

Litany of Praise:

We thank you for your faithfulness and love.

Scripture Reading: John 19:28-30

After Jesus had spoken to His mother, he knew that everything had now been completed and, so that the scripture should be completely fulfilled, he said: I am thirsty. A jar full of sour wine stood there; so, putting a sponge soaked in the wine on a hyssop stick, they held it up to his mouth. After Jesus had taken the wine he said, ‘It is fulfilled’; and bowing his head he gave up his spirit.

Reflection: (Saint Teresa of Calcutta)

I know you through and through – I know everything about you. Nothing in your life in unimportant to me, I have followed you through the years, and I have always loved you – even in your wanderings. Do you thirst for love? “Come to me all you who thirst”. (John 7:37) I will satisfy you and fill you. Do you thirst to be cherished? I cherish you more than you can imagine to the point of dying on a cross for you. I thirst for you. Yes, that is the only way to even begin to describe my love for you: I thirst for you. I thirst to love and to be loved by you – that is how precious you are to me. I thirst for you. Come to me, and I will fill your heart and heal your wounds. . . I want you to remember always one thing that will never change: I thirst for you – just as you are.

INTERCESSIONS: Lord, in your mercy . . . Hear our prayer

Closing Prayer of Sorrow:

Lord Jesus Christ, you willingly accepted the pain and suffering of your Passion and Death out of your everlasting love for me. I now must accept responsibility for my part in causing you such pain and anguish.

I am Judas, when I betray the trust placed in me by You and by others.

I am Peter, when I deny Your love for me and am too cowardly to proclaim Your greatness to the world.

I am one of those fearful disciples when I run away from those who need me, for fear of what it may cost.

I am Pilate, when I refuse to listen to the truth, when I refuse to take any responsibility for the injustices in the world, when I take the easy way out.

I am one of that crowd who shouted “Crucify Him”, when I am swayed by the opinions and judgements of others, when I accept their standards of behaviour and reject Your words of truth and life.

I am one of those soldiers who scourged and mocked You, when I cause pain to others through my selfishness and callous indifference.

I am one of those women of Jerusalem who can weep for the sins of others, but am too blind to see my own.

Lord, I am sorry for the evil I have done and the good I have failed to do. Forgive me, Lord, and never let me be parted from You.

Then, with Your help, I will be Simon, helping to bear the burdens of others.

I will be Veronica, forgetting myself and reaching out to those who suffer starvation, sickness, pain, loneliness and despair.

I will be Mary, silently bearing the sufferings of those I love, and faithful to Your will in all things.

And I will be You, Lord, gladly accepting the pains of this life and joyfully sharing Your gifts of love and peace with all our people.

Glory be to You, Lord, whose power, working in us, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine!

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